Ryu Dimensional Detective

Name: Ryu Dimensional Detective
Literary piece: Short Story (4538 Words)
Pages: 15
Language: English
Year of Production: 2011
Download: English
Description: The year is 2254. The existence of alternative realities had been discover about five decades ago and portals had been established. At first it was expensive to travel and could only be conducted by heavy teleportational machinery. Now, every citizen has a chip in his passport that allows him or her to travel at will to any known dimension. People soon became aware of the fact that each dimension had its own version of a dominant breed. One was ran by humans, others by woaaks, yet others by luizis. One luizi, in particular, had made it his mission in life to make sure that everything runs smoothly in all known dimensions; to make sure that whatever happened to the person he once loved would never happen to anyone else.

License: Creative Commons


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