Celestial Love

Name: Celestial Love
Literary piece: Short story (1861 words)
Pages: 4
Language: English
Year of production 2010
Download: English

Lisence: Creative Commons


3 Responses to “Celestial Love”

  1. 1 AnxiousNut September 16, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    I was reading it until i reached the half of the second page and i am not willing to continue it anymore!

    SPOILER! For some reason, reading: a peaceful virgin
    girl sits by a tree made me stop! Probably because it has some facts in common with the original story of مريم! I just am not ready to read something that might mix some of my thoughts! Since the two stories are now connected in a way, the visualization might mix as well, which i would not like to happen! And i am not ready to risk it!

    Sorry, cant read this one!

    • 2 Kuwait Book Manager September 17, 2010 at 6:37 pm

      then i feel sorry for you, pal, as so far you’ve read the boring part!

      As for ‘mixing facts’ and what not, i suggest you read the footnotes on the last page. This story futures atleast 6 legends but with my own twists including Icarus, the Phoenix and Ho-oh.

      If you want my opinion, i think u should continue as this is a short story i am proud to have in my collection, unlike shipped and clanned which are rip-offs of spirited away.

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